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BioIntenso is an open group for downstream processing (DSP).  It serves as a forum and meeting place for people working in and with DSP technologies.


BioIntenso Inaugural Conference


January 24, 2017 | Brussels, Belgium

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Bioeconomy has been a continually growing topic over the decades. Owing to constant scientific progress, the possibilities afforded by biotechnology are bigger than ever. But still, there are problems to be overcome to realize the full potential of this technology.

One of the most obvious of these challenges is that the downstream portion of the production process has not been developed as intensely as the upstream portion. Therefore, downstream processing of products can be responsible for 80% of the whole production costs.

Owing to the diverse nature of the products and their physicochemical characteristics, processing is not straightforward and has to be tailored to the production process in question. Therefore, new technologies are being investigated at the moment.

The established technologies, while tried and true and capable of delivering good yields of various products are still costly, cumbersome in some cases environmentally unfriendly. Additionally, these methods are not able to cope with new generations of bioproducts that are currently being developed, due to size or charge restrictions for example.

What is BioIntenso?

BioIntenso is an open interest group for downstream processing (DSP). It serves as a forum and meeting place for people working in and with DSP technologies.

BioIntenso consists of two parts, the website including the forum (coming soon!), and the conference with its round-table. Both of these serve to facilitate conversation, connection and knowledge exchange. BioIntenso will allow people from academia, small and big business, suppliers of technology, users of technology and process developers to intermingle, exchange ideas, trends and requirements for the future.

Join today, and be part of a living community of experts in the field of downstream processing.

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Members and Partners

  1. BIA Separations, Slovenia
  2. ChiPro GmbH, Germany
  3. Icosagen AS, Estonia
  4. Proxcys BV, The Netherlands
  5. InfoConsult GmbH, Germany
  6. Biomedal S.L., Spain
  7. BHR Group, United Kingdom
  8. GENERI BIOTECH s.r.o., Czech Republic
  9. ethris GmbH, Germany
  10. ZIP Solutions, Spain
  1. Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
  2. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina
  3. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU), Austria
  4. Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohriski”, Bulgaria
  5. Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa, Portugal

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